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Silver Apples

First song as the movie opens, as the president addresses the nation.

Rocket USA


The journalists first leave New York City.

Thinking of You

Geoffrey Gascoyne

Lee Smith and her journalist colleague Joel talk with Sammy about interviewing the president.

Say No Go

De La Soul

Plays after the firefight between two groups of Americans. It's Jessie's first experience actually shooting behind the action. The scene ends with three soldiers being executed.

Easy Talker

Rob Townsend & Arnie Somogyi

After the emergency generator kicks in, the journalists continue their discussion about going to Washington D.C. to photograph and interview the president.

Sweet Little Sister

Skid Row

The journalists encounter the two Hongkonger reporters on the road.

What Do I Know

Brice Davoli

Lee finds Jessie at the hotel lobby.

Breakers Roar

Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide to Earth

The heartbreaking scene as the emotionally distressed group drives through the forest fire.

Dream Baby Dream

Suicide - Ghost Riders

Final song of the film, as we get the presidents iconic quote.

Hold Me

Steve Vaus

The successionist takes Jessie to the car wash where two looters are being tortured and hung up. This song can be faintly heard on the radio in the background.

Never Surrender

Colin Kiddy

The journalists enter the clothing store where Joel asks the disinterested cashier if she is aware about the civil war happening in the US.

Miami Lady

Nick Evans

Can be faintly heard at the Global Relief Fund refuge campsite where Joel interacts with the kids.

Silent Night

Adam Saunders & Mark Cousins

Joel asks the sniper who is shooting at them from the house.

No Regrets

Wayne Murray

Lee tries on the green dress Jessie picked out for her. Jessie takes some photographs of Lee wearing the dress.

Jingle Bells

William Harris

The journalists arriving at the remains of a Christmas fair.

Joy to the World

Skhal Romance Symphony Orchestra

The journalists gets caught between a sniper fight and gets out of the vehicle.

Don't Get Captured

Run The Jewels

Civil War Official Final Trailer music

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