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Frowny the Clown

Benjamin Dickinson

00:04 Frowny the Clown is playing on television. (1:37) Second end credits song.

Mexican Lindo

Brian McKenna

00:08 The workers are renovating the house as Kent goes up to the bathroom to remove the clown costume.

Taste of Mexico

Jared Gutstadt

00:10 Kent goes downstairs and picks up a power drill to remove the clown costume.

The Long Walk

Gods of Fire - Wrath of the Gods [Deluxe Edition with Bonus Tracks]

00:17 Kent talks to clerk at a Halloween store about the clown costume.

Sonata la Squarzona

Musica Antique Prague

00:21 Kent has tea with Herbert Karlsson as they talk about the origins of the clown costume.


APM Music

01:08 Music at Chuck E. Cheese's.

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