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The Warrior (feat. Scandal)

Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits Featuring Scandal

At the mall, Daveed and Syd White convene to develop a plan for finding the misplaced bags containing drugs.

Love Song Of The Waterfall

Slim Whitman

A young man interrupted a female ranger in the forest rangers' office while she was applying perfume, looking at herself in the mirror, and lighting a cigarette.

On the Wings of Love

Jeffrey Osborne - A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection

Eddie and Daveed are riding together in a car. Even though Daveed wants to turn off the sad music playing on the radio, Eddie insists on leaving it on because it helps him mourn Joanie's death and cry along with the music.

Too Hot Ta Trot


The sheriff pulls over his burgundy Chevrolet at a payphone to check on the safety of his dog, Rosette, during the drive.

No More Words

Berlin - Now That's What I Call the 80s

When the ambulance crew arrived at the forest rangers' office, they faced difficulty opening the door due to the boy who had been shot in the head.

Just Can't Get Enough - 2006 Remaster

Depeche Mode

The ambulance crew, along with the injured female ranger, hurriedly depart in the ambulance while being chased by a bear.

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