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Darnell Williams - Bail Money

Kareem gets on a school bus. Coffee enters a house and goes upstairs.

Get It On Like This


Cops bust into Orlando's house.

Wud Up Doe


Second end credits song.

Return of the Mack

Kid Vishis - Return of the Mack

[Instrumental version] Kareem and Dominic are talking about Coffee in the school's bathroom.

Hey You Can Do It


James and Kareem escape from the pursuing gangsters.

Tired of Trying

Los Yesterdays

Coffee interrogates Orlando. He does not want to talk. Coffee scares him into talking. Orlando ends up in the trunk.

Energy (feat. Bando. & William $)

Alexander Lewis - Red - EP

Detective Choi being interrogated.

Hey We Can Do It

Eamon - Money Money (Remix) - EP

Coffee and Kareem run away. Orlando's crew chases them.

Breakfast in Bed

Detroit Grand Pubahs

Coffee and Vanessa are having sex.

Snapbacks and Backpacks

Kid Vishis - Snapbacks and Backpacks

Coffee takes Steve's car. Meanwhile Orlando and his crew are looking for Kareem's house.

Shadow Boxing

Mighty Chevelles

James and Kareem leave their motel room and drive away in a car.

Something Bad is Happening

The Chosen Few

Coffee asks Vanessa to marry him.

Symphony No. 41 in C Major: "Jupiter"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

James and Kareem hide in the trunk of a man's car.

Shadow Boxing

The Mighty Chevelles

Coffee and Kareem get in the car and leave the motel.

Turbo (feat. Reese LAFLARE)

Darnell - Bail Money - EP

Kareem wears his headphones while boarding a bus. Meanwhile, James Coffee enters a house.

I Like

Cash Paid

Coffee and Kareem are bonding in the stripclub.

Her Majesty's Socialist Request

RJD2 - More Is Than Isn't

The officers make fun of Coffee.

Swim (Take a Daytrip Remix)

Sam Austins - Swim (Take a Daytrip Remix) - Single

Coffee and Kareem are bonding in the stripclub.

Snapbacks and Backpacks (feat. DJ Los)

Kid Vishis - Snapbacks and Backpacks (feat. DJ Los) - Single

James and Kareem take a car by force. The gangsters searching for them confront the car's original owner.

The Roxy

Boca 45 - Forty Five

[Instrumental version] Wats and Orlando are chasing Coffee and Kareem by car in a roundabout.

Do Right Man

Little Beaver - Katie Pearl

Coffee and Kareem enter a motel and ask for a room.


Ezri - be right back (EP)

Coffee and Kareem fight the bad guys.


Sam Austins - Angst - EP

Coffee and Kareem have a conversation at the strip club.

Double Up

Neisha Neshae - Double Up - Single

Kareem talks to a dancer at tne strip club

Come Get It

JF - Come Get It - Single

Watts shoots Coffee in the strip club

Loose Boodie (Unreleased Version)

Vic Pitts & The Cheaters - The Lost Tapes

Watts and Orlando are chasing Coffee and Kareem by car in the streets.

Bryan Munich Theme

Boca 45 - Forty Five

Vanessa beats up Dee and Rodney in the motel room.

I Can't Go for That

Daryl Hall & John Oates - NOW That's What I Call 80s Hits (Deluxe Edition)

Coffee is driving in a police car on the road. He consumes pills and alcohol. He meets with corrupt police officers.

No Talkin

Tee Grizzley - Scriptures

Coffee Kareem and Vanessa try to escape

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