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Toda Esta EnergĂ­a - 2017 Version Remix

Joe CrepĂșsculo

Tim breaks up with Gloria when her friend arrives at the apartment.

Shake Sugaree

Elizabeth Cotten - Shake Sugaree

They use a version whit Brenda Evans at singing ;)

The Lady With The Braid

Dory Previn

00:14 Gloria has drinks at the western side of the bar with Oscar's friends when Joel makes a move on her.


The RPM's

01:15 Tim arrives at the bar to see Gloria.

Little Gold Chain

Future People

00:50 Gloria watches the apology message on the news.

Toda Esta EnergĂ­a (OST Colossal, 2017 Version)

Joe CrepĂșsculo - Toda Esta EnergĂ­a (2017 Version) - Single

00:35 Gloria is at the bar with Oscar's friends when she gets a call by Tim.

The Great American Shakedown

Oil Boom - Gold Yeller - EP

00:09 Oscar drives Gloria to the bar he owns.

Only You

Anderson East - Delilah

00:12 Oscar introduces Gloria to his friends, Gareth and Joel, at the bar.

The Most Irresponsible Thing

Bear McCreary - Colossal (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:10 Gloria brings Tim to the bar and introduces him to Oscar.

Little Gold Chain

Future People

00:49 Gloria plays this song on the jukebox as Oscar talks to Garth about the apology message. Gloria meets Joel in the bathroom.

Uptown Anthem

Naughty By Nature - Juice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:57 Song that plays in the Seoul monster thug life video.

Lost My Mind

Froth - Patterns

01:16 Oscar provokes a confrontation with Tim at the bar.

When the Lights Go Out

Crybaby - Crybaby

Song playing over end credits.

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