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Who Am I

Lily Frost - Lunamarium

Maddie picks Nicole up, they kiss, then drive to school. Maddie complains about the exhaust coming from the car in front of her. Maddie & Nicole arrive at school.

To Be Free

Emiliana Torrini - Rarities

Nicole and Maddie and their friends sitting under the tree. Maddie braids Nicole's hair.


Seven Mary Three - The Economy of Sound

Nicole & Carlos leave the school and sneak off together. They get a motel and shower together / Carlos colors Nicole's nails with markers.

Every Time

La Ley

Nicole goes to Maddie. Maddie plays the guitar and tries to cheer her up.

This Is Not My Life (Soundtrack)

Fastball - The Harsh Light of Day

Nicole & Maddie drop Carlos off at home.

This Is Not My Life

Fastball - The Harsh Light of Day

Nicole & Maddie drop Carlos off at home.


The Pimps - To a Cool Person, Stay That Way

Carlos is the car with Nicole and Maddie.


Osker - Treatment 5

The band playing at the party as Carlos arrives looking for Nicole. He sees her making out with another guy in the hot tub and pulls her out. A fight ensues.


The Dandy Warhols - Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

Carlos wakes Nicole up to tell her he's going home. She tells him she'll drive him. He tells her to sleep and heads home.

She Gave Me Love

The Getaway People - The Getaway People

Nicole is waiting for Carlos outside of school and takes him back to her house.


Maren Ord - Waiting

End credits.

This Year's Love

David Gray - The Best of David Gray (Deluxe Edition)

When Carlos spends the night with Nicole.

I Want to Believe You

Lori Carson and Paul Haslinger

Carlos & Nicole have sex for the first time.

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