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Big Boy

Payday - P.U.K.E Tapes, Vol. 3 - EP

After the car ride with Paige and Dillon, the school bell rings.

Gimme Dat

Lulu Be. - Gimme Dat - Single

Paige sees Gabriella in front of school

These Days

St. Panther

Paige and AJ are in the bathroom together.

Heavenly Maybe


Montage of Paige attempting the long jump, hurdles, and vault at track practice.

watch you sleep.

girl in red - watch you sleep. - Single

Paige lays awake in the hotel bed.

I Feel Alive


Paige tries out for the four by one.

Only Time Makes It Human

King Princess - Only Time Makes It Human - Single

Dillon and Paige show up for Stacey's party.


McClenney & St. Panther

Paige stares at AJ. She thinks about the specifics of KingPun’s artwork.

Small Infinity

Houston Kendrick - Small Infinity

Gabriela asks Paige to drink shots with her.


McClenney - On a Virgo Mind

The montage scene of AJ avoiding Paige, and Paige reminiscing on their moments together.

New Touch

Caveboy - New Touch - Single

Paige dancing with Gabriela at Stacey's party.

Faded Like A Feeling

Tegan and Sara

AJ follows the trail of puns to the student body president results assembly.

Good Day

Kidd Kenn - Good Day - Single

(0:37) Paige and AJ train together in the morning after the party.

Dippin and Doin


Stacey learns she's been chosen to be the future president.

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