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Someone To Say - Reprise

Peter Dinklage

CYRANO | Official Trailer | MGM Studios (2nd song)

Someone To Say

Haley Bennett

CYRANO | Official Trailer | MGM Studios (1st song)


Peter Dinklage, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Bryce Dessner, Aaron Dessner, VĂ­kingur Ă“lafsson & London Contemporary Orchestra

Le Bret hears Cyrano admit his love for Roxanne. If Cyrano admits his love to Roxanne, he thinks she won't look at him again.

Every Letter - Radio Edit

Haley Bennett

Roxanne opens the letter that Christian sent her.

I Need More - Radio Edit

Haley Bennett

Christian's lack of literary flair when speaking irritates Roxanne more than his letter writing does.


Haley Bennett - Cyrano (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

With Cyrano's assistance, Christian apologizes to Roxanne in a beautiful way.

What I Deserve

ben mendelsohn - Cyrano (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

As Roxanne marries Christian, she requests that Cyrano postpone De Guiche's arrival.

Saying Goodbye

Bryce Dessner - Cyrano (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Christian is unhappy after being sent far from Roxanne.

Wherever I Fall - Pt. 1

Glen Hansard - Cyrano (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Before beginning a fatal mission, three guards write letters to their loved ones. Christian, after speaking with Cyrano, ends his life by sprinting toward the enemy who is firing at him.

No Cyrano

Haley Bennett - Cyrano (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Roxanne discovers that Cyrano is the one who wrote the letters she received after he collapses.

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