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UCCI WHY - Baby it's You - EP

At the pool party.

Fame (Peter Underwater Rework)

Mehari - Fame (Peter Underwater Rework) - Single

At the pool party flashback of Vanessa; Vanessa and Tristan make a bet.

Top to Toe

Emma Doo - Paradox - EP

Célène and Tristan have breakfast; they leave together on a motorcycle.


Oscar Lesage - Oscar - EP

Oscar's audition for the show 'La Princesse de Montpensier'.

Greek Vacation

Outsourced Feelings - Outsourced Feelings

Célène looks at her Instagram account 'Madame de Balec' then goes to Tristan's house.


MIDNIGHT RISE - Romantico Trash - EP

Célène and Tristan are surfing.

Take Shelter

Usken - Take Shelter - Single

La Princesse de Montpensier; Tristan is alone and distraught.


Yseult - Noir - EP

Celene tries to drown herself.

Don't You Know (feat. Jamie N Commons)

Kungs - Layers

Celene and Tristan in the water

Get Back to My Life

Tamara Bubble - Get Back to My Life

Tristan is getting ready to go out with Celene

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