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Для тебя [Dlya tebya] (tr. - For You)

Olga Vasenina

00:21 Lina sings it in the club when the Captain first notices her

Растопи этот лед (tr. - Melt This Ice)

Sivara Umarova

00:25 Lina rehearses this song on the Tortuga while Ignat practises parkour in the city

Ж.О.П.А. (tr. - A.S.S.)

Bonch Bru Bonch

00:50 Ignat fights with Captain's gang

В лидеры (tr. - To The Leaders)

Bonch Bru Bonch

00:59 Urban Monkeys examine the exhibition, then come to negotiate with the Black Cats (1:00)

Он бы мог [On by mog] (tr. - He could have)

Sivara Umarova

01:07 Lina sings it while Urban Monkeys steal the sword from the exhibition

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