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For Reverend Green

Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

00:02 First song as Rickie and J.T. cut class and talk about girls as they walk around the neighborhood.

I Want More

Black Summer Crush - I Want More - Single

00:06 Rickie and J.T get drunk and trash the abandoned mental psychiatric hospital.


Super XX Man - X

01:06 Rickie tries to talk to Joann about Deadgirl.

Grace (Glorified)

Super XX Man

Rickie arrives at Joan’s house and tries to explain the situation with Johnny and Deadgirl. J.T keeps watch over Deadgirl. Rickie and his father talk about girl troubles at home.

The Makeover Waltz

Joseph Bauer - Deadgirl (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:10 J.T. applies make-up to Deadgirl when the guard dog appears and stands on top of Deadgirl. Deadgirl then tears the guard dog apart with her teeth.

Let Your Love Flow

The Bellamy Brothers - Number One Hits

01:19 Plays in the car as J.T. and Wheeler beat up the hooker at the gas station.

The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack

Liars - Drums Not Dead

01:36 Final scene as Rickie walks to the psychiatric hospital to check on the new Deadgirl. Plays into the end credits.

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