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I Am Me

Ramengvrl - I AM ME - Single

Laras gazes at her reflection in the mirror as she listens to a song.

Honey, Baby

Grrrl Gang - Honey, Baby - Single

Laras revs up the engine of her motorcycle and hits the road, making her way to school.

Money Dance

BodaciousThang & Robert W. Lamond - Power Pop

Three girls dance to a popular TikTok song in the hallway of their school.

All My Friends Are Falling in Love

Oslo Ibrahim

Laras accidentally collides with a boy in one of her classes and as a result, coffee spills on his shirt.

Falling Again

Ridh - Falling Again - Single

Laras and Dilla sneak out of school and cruise around the town in a car.

F*****g Liar!


David drives Laras and Dilla to an aquarium.

Dalam Nirvana

Danilla - POP SEBLAY

Dilla requests David to switch the music that is currently playing.

King and Lionheart

Of Monsters and Men - My Head Is An Animal

A sequence of events following Laras' delivery of her speech at school is shown through a montage.

Velvet (feat. Kittendust)


David and Dilla kiss but David stops because he feels something is wrong.

Inside My Head

SCALLER - Noises & Clarity

Dilla approaches the football field where David is playing and plants a kiss on him.

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