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K. C. Caboose

Brick Fleagle's Orchestra

The soldiers get to know each other by introducing themselves in the locker room.

Bricks Boogie

Brick Fleagle

Music can be heard playing in the background when the soldiers go back to the locker room to change their attire.

Stack-a-Lee, Pt. 1 & 2 (Remastered)


The pilots gather to have dinner in the evening.

Little Red Rooster

Margie Day - Little Red Rooster (Digitally Remastered) - Single

This song is playing on a record players as Jesse pulls into the driveway and enters the house where his wife is in the process of painting the walls.

Sumpin’ Jumpin’ Round Here

Sandy Williams

When the ship is due to dock in Cannes for a brief leave, the soldiers prepare for some leisure time and conceal packs of cigarettes under their shirts.

Minor Swing

Django Reinhardt - Django Reinhardt

On the beach, the sailors congregate around Miss Liz Taylor. Jesse greets her and introduces himself, and is subsequently invited to go to the casino later.

La Grande Cité

Yves Montand

Jesse informs the group that Elizabeth Taylor has extended an invitation for all of them to join her at the casino that evening.

Cornet De Frites

Yves Montand

The pilots leave the casino and go to a bar.

Chanson Gitane

Marie Rosé

The pilots place their drink orders at the bar and then make their way over to some women.

A paris

Yves Montand

The pilots all have drinks in hand and are entertaining the women, while Jesse sits alone at a table, sipping on coffee. Suddenly, a soldier arrives and starts a brawl.

Not Alone - from Devotion

Joe Jonas

First end credits song.

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