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The Rockafellar Skank(Short Edit)

Fatboy Slim

Koromon gets attacked by Tai's cat.

Going Digital

Paul Gordon

Greymon fights and kills Parrotmon

Let's Kick It Up

Paul Gordon

Omnimon kills all the Diaboromon clones.

The Strangest Thing

Paul Gordon

Terriermon fights his brother.

Change Into Power

Paul Gordon

2nd song in end credits

One Week

Barenaked Ladies - Digimon: The Movie (Music from the Motion Picture)

Izzy rushes to Tai's house after Tai accidently sends the letter to Sora.

All Star

Smash Mouth - Digimon: The Movie (Music from the Motion Picture)

Kokomon dances to this song. willis comments that he's tone deaf.

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