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Globo Gym Infomercial

Kenneth Burgomaster

Infomercial jingle for Global Gym, featuring White Goodman.

Training Montage Mix

Mike Fitzpatrick

Plays during the montage of Patches O’Houlihan training Average Joe’s.

Le Fie 'd Carmagnola

Danpa and Sergio Ferraresi

In background of White watching his computer while stuffing pizza down his pants.

Face Off

Tom Morello

Playing when Peter and White have a one-on-one face off and White steps over the line, leading to “sudden death”.

Donkey Competition Mix

Dowd Beal

Plays as Justin fills in for Derek at the cheer competition.

Legal Eagle

Will Schaefer

Film’s opening track; introducing Peter and Average Joe’s gym and the gang.

We Will Rock You

Brian May

Global gym dodgeball team chanting this to intimidate Average Joe’s.

Take It Off

The Donnas - The Donnas: Greatest Hits

Plays when Average Joe’s dodgeball team plays the girl scout troop.

Lady In Red

Chris De Burgh

Plays as Owen approaches Global gym’s female, Russian teammate.


Jamelia - Superstar: The Hits

Plays for the female dancers opening for the dodgeball tournament.


Sugarhill Gang

Plays when White approaches Kate’s house and tells her she’s fired so she’d date him.


Kelis - Date Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Plays during the car wash, full of half naked girls, with the gang half naked too (with the exception of Peter); plays again during the post-credit scene of White fat.

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