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Death Took a Holiday

Toledo - Fishnets & Cigarettes

00:04 Toledo is perfomring at a club where Ian is talking is talking to a girl.

Fishnets & Cigarettes

Toledo - Fishnets & Cigarettes

00:06 Back at the club, Ian meets an old friend.

I'm Not Exercising Enough

The Centimeters - The Facts of Destiny

00:12 Brad invites Sara to meet his friends after having sex.

Nothin' Like an Idiot

Al Agami - Nothin' Like an Idiot - EP

00:18 Ian and Julliet are walking to Don's Plum when a car passes by, Ian shouts out "wassap".


Who Be Dat - Mash It Up '93

00:40 Cuts to the table where Ian's friends are talking to each other.

My Cowgirl


00:30 Derek throws a glass cup at Amy as she leaves Don's Plum. Don arrives at the table and confronts Derek of the broken glass.


Rilo Kiley - Take Offs and Landings

00:50 Two customers enters Don's Plum restaurant. Don and the two customers have a conversation.

Don't Want Love

Jaydub Prince Of Da County

The waitress brings the group their food at the table.

Fear Makes A Man Do Funny Things

The Mash Notes

00:31 The waitress brings the group their food at the table.


Nic Cester, Davey Lane & Kram

The waitress brings the group their food at the table.

Trouble Blues

Charles Brown - The Blues a Southern Anthology (40 Tracks)

00:52 Jeremy enters the after hours bar and talks to Grace about the audition for the film.

Bears Are Strong

The Mash Notes

00:32 Amy smashes the windshield of Jeremy's car with a baseball bat.

Go Ahead

Rilo Kiley - Take Offs and Landings

01:20 Final scene of the film and end credits

Turn Of The Century

Irving - Good Morning Beautiful

00:33 Flo goes into a brief soliloquy about the group at the restroom. She returns back to the table and fixes Ian's order. Later, Flo tries to get Don to change her work shift.


The John Pizzarelli Trio - After Hours

00:54 Luke arrives back at the table as Grace gives Jeremy her home phone number.

Scandinavian Style

Schaefer Scandinavian Style

00:41 The group talks about the things they have yet to try.

Good News From The Front

The Mash Notes

00:59 Derek makes fun of Brad for reading a book at the table.

Old Drain

Mike Bloom

01:00 Two homeless guys arrive at the table and begs the group for some change.

Walk On By

Blake Sennett

01:04 The group watches as Derek and Jeremy help the homeless guys out of the diner.

Mello Blue Towel

The Young Married Couple

01:04 The group talks about Tourette syndrome.

S.U.V aka Suck Unda Vassalage

Johnny Mulatto

01:16 Ian gets into a fight with Jeremy.

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