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The End

Thomas Bangalter

00:01 First song during the opening credits sequence.


LFO - Sheath

00:01 First song. Plays in the opening credits.

Pipe Dreams

David Lumsdaine

00:03 Oscar talks to Linda at the balcony about the view. He shows her the book that Alex gave him as Linda gets ready to leave. He takes a hit of DMT.

The World Is Becoming You

Nadia Fay - Honeycomb

00:11 Oscar gets a call from Victor. He tells Oscar to meet him at The Void.

Cancion Sintetica

Cristian Vogel

00:17 Club music playing in one of the apartments. (0:35) Linda is pole dancing at the club. She has sex with Mario when she gets a call from Alex. (0:54) Oscar has sex with Victor's mother. Oscar takes Acid. A young Oscar asks his mother what happens if she dies. He walks into his mother having sex with his father. Oscar meets a girl at the bar (1:07) Linda meets Alex at the club. She takes ecstasy. (1:13) Oscar watches his sister pole dancing at the club. He confronts Mario and tells him to not touch his sister. Oscar sells drugs to the dancers. Mario kicks him out of the club. (1:19) Oscar is watching Linda at the club. At the shop, Linda asks Oscar about Alex. (1:40) Mario talks with the police officers outside the club.

Camp Crazy

David loi and Thierry Los

00:19 Second song on the streets.

In The Middle With You

Jamie Dunlap, Scott Nickoley and Stephen Lang

00:20 Jazz music in the background as Alex explains to Oscar about reincarnation.

Hamberger Lady (Carter Tutti remix)

Trobbing Gristle

00:23 Oscar meets Alex at The Void. Alex mutters "I'm Sorry" as Oscar is surrounded by police officers.



00:28 Oscar's soul is leaving his body in the rest room at The Void. Victor is being detained by the police as Alex escapes from the police.

Ice Theory

Alexander Baker

00:34 Omnious music playing during the overhead shots of the Sex, Money, Power strip club. (1:40) Overhead shots of the club.

Air On The G String

Eskilstuna Revyn

00:45 Linda is crying on the couch after she hears the news about her brother. (1:10) Oscar and Linda go the Buddhist shop. She tells Oscar that she feels free and to promise her that he will never leave her.


Delia Derbyshire

00:48 Flashback to Oscar and Linda's childhood. (1:04) Oscar is reunited with Linda at the airport. They go to the amusement park. (1:25) Flashback to the balcony.

Salve Regina

Jez Poole & Martyn Warren - Plainsong and Polyphony: Cinematic Choral Classics

01:01 Oscar and Alex meet Bruno at his place. They buy drugs from him.

Wired Up

Count De Money

01:10 Linda reminds Oscar that tomorrow is the anniversity of their parents death.

Second Sequence

Ryan Gold and Sid Sonic

01:56 Linda tells her friends that she should have listened to Oscar.

Pyschedelic Guru

Pete Surdoval

01:57 Oscar watches an orgy from above.

Wine Glass: The Glass World

Annea Lockwood

01:43 The camera pans inside the lamp.

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