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Scotty Doesn't Know

Lustra - Left for Dead

Song band plays at graduation party.

My Generation


The opening credits song, with all the Airplane guidelines.

Prosper (Yop La Boum!)

Maurice Chevalier

The scene where the camera goes over the crowd and suddenly stops to get a better look at this French Girl.

The Sacred War

Red Army Choir

00:40 When they show up to Bratislavia

The Bad Touch

The Bloodhound Gang - Gamer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:47 Right before Cooper ends up at the Vandersexx strip clib.

99 Red Ballons


01:06 From Bratislava to Berlin

The Roof Is On Fire

Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three

Cooper Harris sings this song when wearing the pope hat at the Vatican.

Make My Dreams Come True

Apollo 440

00:41 At the beach when Jennifer undresses


David Hasselhoff

Scotty's dream sequence (he's dreaming this in the train) when he's kissing Mieke, and we see this frame-in shot of David Hasselhoff.

Les Promesses

Autour De Lucie

Great Acoustic song that plays Onthe train right before Scotty’s daydream starts

I Love Marijuana

Linval Thompson - Trojan Presents: Roots

Scotty and Jenny are at a simple dutch bakery in Amsterdam and they are tasting special brownies.

Get Loose

The Salads - Fold A to B

Plays right after Jenny takes a drink of the Green Fairy and the gang parties like crazy

Morning Train (Nine to Five)

Sheena Easton - Sheena Easton: Greatest Hits

The Manchester United Theme song, we see them sing it with the Soccer Hooligans in the Pub.

England 5, Germany 1

The Business - Hardcore Hooligan

This is the song when the soccer Hooligans are chasing this French guy with the frog football shirt in Paris.

Hot Stuff

Donna Summer - The Best of Harold Faltermeyer Composers Cut, Vol. 1

When they are all in the train, the italian guy (Oh, mi scusi) is with them and they are about to go through a 'big tunnel'.

The Roof Is on Fire

Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three - New Years All Time Hip Hop Hits 2011

Cooper Harris sings this song when wearing the pope hat at the Vatican.

Don't Be Sad

Whiskeytown - Pneumonia

when the group leaves Jamie in go home to America

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