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She's All I Got

Johnny Paycheck - Johnny Paycheck: Biggest Hits

00:02 First song as Cindy (Mila Kunis) steals the guitar. Joel (Jason Bateman) is walking through the factory.

Hoogie Boogie

John Lee Hooker

After Cindy sells the stolen guitar. Plays as she leaves the store briefly.

Hoogie Boogie

The Avener & John Lee Hooker

00:14 After Cindy sells the stolen guitar. Plays as she leaves the store briefly.

I Thank You

ZZ Top - Degüello

00:24 Cindy steals money from an employees purse. She heads over to Step's and follows him to the supermarket.


Klaus Harmony

00:38 Brad tells Joel how he managed to seduce Suzie over the phone.

The Lunatic Fringe


00:45 Joel arrives at the party where Rory's band is playing heavy metal. He drives off.

I Got the Same Old Blues

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Authorized Bootleg: Live At Winterland, San Francisco, CA - Mar 7, 1976

00:53 Cindy has been smoking weed when she walks into the room to see Joel get punched by Willie.


Bruce Robinson

01:10 Joel drives to a motel after throwing a case in the boot of his car. He watches TV in his room.

Who Were You Thinkin' Of

Texas Tornados

01:15 Joel wakes up after spending the night with Cindy. He falls back asleep and is late for work.

Rainy Day Woman

Waylon Jennings - The Essential Waylon Jennings

01:27 Joel and Suzie drive off after the funeral. First song during end credits.

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