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Let's Do It

All Talk

Opening; Title Card.

The One for Sure

Greencastle Homer

April is driving along the road. She is conversing with her dad.

Hand of Man

Country Joe & The Fish - C.J. Fish

Frank drives April home.

Round and Round

Jack Hawitt

New Hope music for County Qualifiers

Brand New Day

Kari Kimmel - Radio Rebel (Original Soundtrack)

The New Hope studio enters the County Qualifiers.

Never Forgive You

Brooke Villanyi

First dance group performs at the County Qualifiers

Glitter Shoes

Blaire Reinhard

Royaltons perform at the County Qualifiers

Wish You Was Me (feat. Lauren Evans)

5 Alarm - Off the Charts: WOMXN

Dewey Dancimals perform at the County Qualifiers

Deal with It


Bus leaves for County Finals

I'm Gonna Do My Thing (Hey Hey)


At the county finals, the girls freeze; Dicky runs onstage and dances.



State Finals teacher.

Winner Won't Stop

Neara Russell

Montage at nationals.

Follow the Leader


At the Nationals dance competition, when dicky was told not to do the star lift

A Little More

Alessia Cara

The group learns that April left; April is introduced to the Broadway group.

All I Wanna Do Is Dance


On the street, the group dances, opening night dance party.

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