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Robbo's Theme

Clint Mansell - Filth (Music From the Original Motion Picture)

00:02 Bruce Robertson talks about Scotland and how great it is to be Scottish.

You Make Me Wanna Dance

Richard Myhill - History of Rock and Pop 1975–1985

00:05 Bruce Robertson imagines Peter Inglis dancing as a male stripper.

It's All Over Me

Otis Blackwell - Filth (Music From the Original Motion Picture)

00:07 Carol talks about how much she wants to make love with Bruce after he gets the promotion while Bruce and Ray talk about the promotion at the car.

Dr. Love

Tom Jones & Les Reed - Filth (Music From the Original Motion Picture)

00:13 Song as Bruce has sex and pictures different women.

Dr. Love

Tom Jones - Filth (Music From the Original Motion Picture)

00:13 Plays as Bruce has sex with Gillman‘s wife, Chrissie, and pictures different women.

Born to Be Wild

Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude

00:18 Bruce walks around the streets of Scotland.

Back Door Santa

Clarence Carter - Underground Garage Presents: Christmas a Go-Go

00:20 Bruce masturbates to a lesbian porno when a black man enters the porno, causing Bruce to get turned off.

Good King Wenceslas

Colin Bawldry & Tom Kane

00:22 The police force sing before parting the formal meeting.

Jingle Bells

Colin Bawldry & Tom Kane

00:23 Bruce meets Clifford Blades at the Christmas party.

Les noces de Figaro, K. 492: Ouverture

Herbert von Karajan & Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - Mozart: Les grands opéras - La discothèque idéale de Diapason, Vol. 4

00:26 Bruce arrives at Blades' residences and introduces himself to Clifford Blades' wife as they discuss about the prank calls that Blades' wife has been receiving.

The Little Drummer Boy

Harry Simeone Chorale - The Essential NOW That's What I Call Christmas

00:33 Bruce is in his room, consuming drugs when he starts having vivid hallucinations of his younger dead brother.

Theme from Elvira Madigan

101 Strings Orchestra - Classic Film Music

00:34 Bruce is in a room with Dr. Rossi as they discuss his drug addiction and the tapeworm inside of Bruce.

Don't You Want Me (Single Version)

FELIX - Dance - Big Beat Classic

00:38 Bruce and Ray enter the strip club and receive a "DNA" sample of the suspect from one of the strippers.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

Roy Wood’s Wizzard - Underground Garage Presents: Christmas a Go-Go

00:39 Song at the office christmas party; Bruce calls his colleagues over to take part in a game.

Mr. Vain Recall

Culture Beat

00:40 Bruce's colleagues enter the photo-copier room and photo copy their penises so the women can guess which person has the biggest penis.

It's My Life

Dr. Alban - The Ultimate Collection 1990-2014

00:42 Bruce and his colleagues arrives at a nightclub and start dancing.


The Third Degree - Filth (Music From the Original Motion Picture)

00:44 Bruce prepares for his vacation trip to Germany.

99 Luftballons

Nena - Despicable Me 3 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:45 Bruce and Bladesey, German vacation montage.



00:48 Bruce and Blades get drunk and high on LSD.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

The Shirelles

00:58 Bruce watches a home video of his wife and daughter and starts crying. He then picks up the phone and starts prank calling Blades' wife. They start having an intimate conversation which causes Bruce to masturbate excessively.


Jim Broadbent - Filth (Music From the Original Motion Picture)

01:01 Dr. Rossi starts taunting Bruce after Bruce realises that Carol has left him for another man. (Sung in the style of Good King Wenceslas)

Silver Lady

David Soul - Filth (Music From the Original Motion Picture)

01:02 Carole is in a taxi with David Soul as they sing along to this song.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone (Remastered)

01:03 Bruce wakes up in his car and start vomiting. He then snorts some cocaine and drives to work.

La Traviata: "Libiamo Ne'lieti Calici (Brindisi)

Luciano Pavarotti, National Philharmonic Orchestra, Richard Bonynge, Dame Joan Sutherland & The London Opera Chorus - Luciano Pavarotti - The Best

01:09 Clifford Blades is vomiting by the driveway while Bruce confronts Blade's wife.about the prank caller. They start getting drunk and later have sex on the floor as Bruce starts having disturbing halluciations.. He pulls out the tape recorder and plays Clifford's recording.


Clint Mansell & Coco Sumner - Filth (Music From the Original Motion Picture)

01:32 At the end when Bruce sends a video tape to Clifford and prepares to hang himself.

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