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I Feel Good


Official Trailer.

Boys - Coldabank Remix

Charli XCX

The lads head to the Tea bar to enjoy themselves and dance.

Chica Mejicanita

Andrea Litkei & Ervin Litkei - Diner Jukebox

To get ready for supper at Erin's place, the lads go food shopping.

Pure Imagination

Kathleen - Pure Imagination - Single

The boat arrives at Fire Island

The Four Seasons - Winter

Jay Wadley

Noah envisions Charlie sultrying Howie over dinner.

Join In, Join In

Production Music

Noah walks into a room where a group of guys were having sex while searching for Howie.


Britney Spears

Howie performs with his pals on a stage.

Sometimes - From "Fire Island"


Charlie and the others scramble to prevent Howie from getting off the island.


Monsune - Tradition - EP

[Acoustic with drums]



The group gets to the club and take drugs

We Could Be Dancing

Bob Sinclar - We Could Be Dancing

Noah finds Howie in the big chair. "I didn't even know I was lost"

Heart to Break

Kim Petras - Heart to Break - Single

Will is coerced into dancing onstage in front of a crowd

Whole Life

Perfume Genius

Howie leaving on a ferry

Dreams Tonite

Alvvays - Antisocialites

Cherry Groove is their celebration spot once they've persuaded Howie to stay.

Don't Tell Anyone

Jay Wadley - Fire Island (Original Soundtrack)

After the party, Noah regrets his altercation with Howie the next morning.

Don't Ruin This for Me

Jay Wadley - Fire Island (Original Soundtrack)

Walking by the shore, Noah and Will engage in conversation about their lives. This is the third end credits song.


Jay Wadley - Fire Island (Original Soundtrack)

The lads are invited inside Erin's home.

Just You and Me

Jay Wadley - Fire Island (Original Soundtrack)

This is the second end credits song.

Time Works Differently

Jay Wadley - Fire Island (Original Soundtrack)

Charlie gets to Erin's house with his pals.

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