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Chica Alborotada

Los Locos Del Ritmo

Richard starts selling burritos at school.

Se a Cabo

Santana - Abraxas

Richard and Judy become involved in criminal activities due to police persecution.

Mexican Rap

Real Kbio

Richard decides to leave his gangster friends and quit his criminal activities.

El Mariachi

El Mariachi México

Richard attempts to fix a refrigerator.

No Tengo Dinero

Juan Gabriel - Roma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Judy continues to sell tortillas while Richard looks for a job.

Yo Se Lo Que Estoy Aciendo

El Imperio

Richard joins Tony's gangster group for employment.

Mas Y Mas

Los Lobos

Richard secures a job at Frito Lay and receives a tour of the factory from the manager.


Jesse Cook - The Ultimate Jesse Cook

Richard learns about machines and engineering by spending time with Clarence.

The Cisco Kid

War - The Hits & More

Roger Enrico assumes the position of CEO at PepsiCo.


Flowker Slick

Richard starts pilfering snacks from the factory after pitching his idea to Clarence.

Mi Destino


Richard and his family embark on a quest to find the perfect salsa recipe.

Quiero Decirte


Judy and Richard visit the library to research and prepare for a sales presentation.

La Raza

Kid Frost - Hispanic Causing Panic

To boost sales, Richard seeks assistance from his gangster associates.

Mexican Power

Proper Dos

Workers start distributing Cheetos to the public.

Santana Celebration


Enrico contacts Richard, urging him to ramp up Cheetos production.

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