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Thank You for Being a Friend

Cindy Fee and Math Club

Noa’s ringtone. [1:05] Mollie calls Noa’s phone in Steve’s home and hears her ringtone coming from his jacket. Steve begins preparing more human meat for his clients.

Complete Failure

Blood Orange

Opening; Noa waits in the car before going on her date.

Thank You For Being A Friend

Cindy Fee, Math Club

Noa’s ringtone; (repeats) After Steve kidnaps Mollie.

Leopard's Tongue

Karen O & Danger Mouse

Noa works on a project when she receives a message from an online dating user.

Leopard's Tongue

Karen O - Lux Prima

Noa at home on her computer swiping through a dating app.

It Feel Good to Be Me


Noa talks to Mollie about being disillusioned with online dating while boxing.

After The Show

Eric V. Hachikian

Noa goes shopping for some groceries at the supermarket where she meets Steve.

Lisa Leaving Queens

Stedapol C.C. Watt - Glassell Park Grit

Noa meets Steve at a bar for their first date.

Citrus Light (feat. Sóley, Sin Fang & Örvar Smárason)

Sin Fang

Third song at the bar; Noa becomes increasingly drunk. Steve tries to get Noa to play a questions game.

Believe In


Second song at the bar; Noa and Steve order drinks. They talk about their family.

Citrus Light

Sin Fang - Citrus Light

Noa and Steve on their date.

Cherry Plum

Astronauts, etc.

Noa and Steve have dinner at her place. Steve tells Noa he doesn’t eat animals.

I Just Want Happiness (feat. Rich Jones)


Mollie receives a phone call from Noa about the surprise vacation retreat. Noa sends her a photo of Steve.

You're Not Good Enough

Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe

Noa and Steve dance at her apartment.

La fin du monde

Juniore - La fin du monde / Marche - Single

Noa and Steve in the car on the way to Steve’s place.

Whole Lotta Your Love

Lee Hurst - Deep Cuts: 1970's Soul

Steve and Noa make drinks at Steve's house.

Piece of Me

Lady Wray

Mollie texts Noa while she does research on Steve.


Animotion - Now That's What I Call the 80s

Steve dances to the music while he prepares and packages meat.

Rose Gold

Jason Joshua & The Beholders - Alegría Y Tristeza

Mollie asks Paul at the bar if he could give her information on Steve on the night of his date with Noa.



Paul receives a text from Mollie at the bar of her current location in case something happens to her.

Perfect Day

Duran Duran

Ann takes a shower; Steve goes for a run.

El amor brujo (Love, the Magician): Pantomima

Clara Rockmore & Nadia Reisenberg

Steve begins dressing up for another dinner with Noa. Meanwhile, Noa tries on the dress Steve brought for her.

Exit Music (For a Film)

Vitamin String Quartet

Steve tells Noa about when he first tried meat.

El amor brujo (Love, the Magician): Pantomima [Arr. for Theremin & Piano]

Clara Rockmore - The Art of the Theremin

Steve and Noa prepare to go on their second date inside the house; Steve ignores his wife's call and text.

Our Love

The Starr Sisters

Steve shows Noa a hidden compartment filled with items belonging to his victims.

In Your Arms

Andrea Litkei

Noa and Steve have human breast meat.

Our Love

Al Hazan - Our Love

(1:28) Steve shows Noa the souvenirs.

Endless Summer Nights

Richard Marx

Near the end, Noa and Steve dance.

Le jardin

La Femme

Near the end, Noa and Steve dance.


Danny Brown

Paul arrives at Mollie’s location.

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