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Complete Failure

Blood Orange - Coastal Grooves (Bonus Track Version)

Opening; Noa waits in the car before going on her date.

Thank You For Being A Friend

Cindy Fee, Math Club

Noa’s ringtone; (repeats) After Steve kidnaps Mollie.

Leopard's Tongue

Karen O - Lux Prima

Noa at home on her computer swiping through a dating app.

Citrus Light

Sin Fang - Citrus Light

Noa and Steve on their date.

You're Not Good Enough

Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe

Noa and Steve dance at her apartment.

La fin du monde

Juniore - La fin du monde / Marche - Single

Noa and Steve in the car on the way to Steve’s place.

Whole Lotta Your Love

Lee Hurst - Deep Cuts: 1970's Soul

Steve and Noa make drinks at Steve's house.

Piece of Me

Lady Wray - Piece of Me - Single

Mollie texts Noa while she does research on Steve.


Animotion - Now That's What I Call the 80s

Steve dances to the music while he prepares and packages meat.

Perfect Day

Duran Duran - Thank You

Ann takes a shower; Steve goes for a run.

Le jardin

La Femme - Paradigmes

Near the end, Noa and Steve dance.

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