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What's Love Got to Do with It


Titi enters the party with the girls. the start of the bachelor celebration. Everyone is having a party.


Mayer Hawthorne

Titi is scooting around the streets of Paris on his scooter. He walks into the hospital.

I’m Hyped

Katiah One, Kelly Nova, and Suat Akin Orbay

Titi exits the flat after putting on his jacket.

Tomala Um Cocktail

Nice Life

Several couples dance close-knit together. Titi observes while perched on the bench. Titi picks up dancing.

Wouldn't It Be Nice

The Beach Boys - Pirate Radio (Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Version]

Titi is asked to judge various dresses that Rose is wearing. Titi also dons various attire. They share ice cream in the evening. Titi reports for work the next day. Rose's foot is massaged by Titi. The morning after a night of drinking, Rose has to vomit. Titi and Rose watch a film together.

Fly - Live


Titi goes for a run. He starts to dance. He strives to converse more intelligently with ladies.

Stand Tall

Altitude X Faber

At the gathering, this music can be heard.

Tough Love - Jonas Mantey's Triebkraft I Remix

Sailor & I

In the hospital, Titi is contemplating. He occupies a chair in the patient's coma room. He navigates the Parisian streets on his scooter. The scenes continue.

Succès fou

Roland Decembre

On the beach are Thibault and Rose. In the water, he carries her bare. Then comes the credits.

Amore disperato

Nada - Live Stazione Birra

Titi spends time with Jennifer, his new girlfriend. They remodel the apartment after he snaps her image. Rose takes a peek at Thibault's Instagram account. She can see several images of Jennifer there.


Sascha Funke - FABRICLIVE 96: Skream

Rose and Bruno arrive at the party.

Slow Down


The celebration is filled with music. Rose's lover watches Maud dance provocatively in front of him.

My Life

Irmaos Baronet

In his apartment, Rose and Titi dance together.

Someone to You

BANNERS - Someone to You - Single

Alex, Lulu, and Maud wheel Thibault away from the medical facility. To see Rose, they are traveling. At the conclusion of the movie, Rose and Titi kiss.

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