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You're the Only Girl (I Ever Really Loved)

Jim Post

00:01 Opening credits. (0:22) At the dorm room, Fritz's room mates are studying for an exam as Fritz tries to have a conversation with them. (1:15) Fritz has sex with the girls on the hospital bed. End credits.

Fritz the Cat (Feat. Alice Stuart)

Ed Bogas

00:03 Introduction to Fritz the Cat. (1:03) Fritz walks to the gas station. (1:12) Interlude to the hospital.

House Rock

Ed Bogas

00:07 Fritz invites the girls to a party at his friend's apartment. (0:14) The police enter the orgy party.

The Synagogue

Ed Bogas

00:21 The rabbis celebrate after finding out that the US has agreed to send in more weapons to Israel. Fritz is then chased by the police officers through the synagogue.

The Riot

Ed Bogas

00:24 Fritz laments about college life as he sets all of his school books and notes on fire. (0:51) A police unit enter the neighborhood as Fritz tries to stay hidden.

Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley

Interlude to the bar at Harlem.

Duke's Theme

Ray Shanklin

00:31 Fritz meets Duke the Crow at the pool table.

Black Talk

Charles Earland - Black Talk! (Rudy Van Gelder Remaster)

00:35 Fritz and Duke walk around the streets of Harlem.


Billie Holiday - Verve Remixed 3

00:39 Interlude to Bertha.


Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce

00:40 Fritz meets Bertha and engage in a little bit of foreplay.

Bertha's Theme

Ray Shanklin

00:46 Fritz has sex with Bertha at the junkyard.


Ed Bogas

00:55 Fritz's girlfriend, Winston the Fox, drives Fritz out of town. (0:59) Winston's car breaks down. (1:03) Winston sends Fritz to get some gas for the engine.


Tumbleweed - The Waterfront Years 1991-1993 (Digitally Remastered)

00:56 Blue the Rabbit rides his motorcycle through the desert highway.

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