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Smeke Reven - Halloi - Single

(0:05) Sebastian rehearses his speech in the office.

Step It Up


BLASTED | Official Trailer | Netflix (2022)

Puller opp (feat. Oral Bee & Keem One)


(0:14) Kasper arrives in a flashy car and meets the other guys.

Hyttetur ( In The Summertime)


(0:18) Sebastian puts on the bear costume then the guys get in the van to drive to the cabin.

Stiv Pikk (Fra "Hit for hit")

Jakob & Fridtjof

(0:21) Mikkel plays this song in the cabin; Sebastian heads outside and sits on the porch.

Glade Dager

Klovner I Kamp - Ørnen Tek Ikkje Unga

(0:27) The police officer leaves Greg’s shop; the boys head to a diner where Audun suggests that they should go on a private guided tour to the Hessdalen Observatory.

Rett Opp Og Ned

Lars Vaular - Helt Om Natten, Helt Om Dagen

(1:09) After putting their seat-belts, Mikkel and Sebastian, drive the police cruiser.

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