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Au Clair De Lune

Simona Castilli

00:09 Dr Osmond plays a recording of his daughter sing this song to the ambassador.

Piano Concerto 20

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The robotic geisha performs this song on the Sanshin.

Hulchal Aour Sargarmee

Manjeet Amar

00:19 Batou stops by the butcher shop to pick up meat for the stray dogs.

Maths (Cobra Effects Remix)

deadmau5 - 5 Years of mau5

00:32 Batou waits by the bar as he tries to communicate with Major through the mind comms.


deadmau5 - > album title goes here <

Yakuza-club scene background sound

Si Tú No Estás

Nicky Jam - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Opening Titles; (repeats) End Credits.

Get My Swerve On

Sam Zeines

00:32 Major is cornered by the Yakuza men inside the room.


Sayaka Suzuki - Listen,

00:26 Plays in one of the holographic ads in the skylight.


Sayaka Suzuki - Yes-Yes-Yes - Single

00:27 Major and Bantou activate their mind comms.

Acchi Kocchi

Tim & Puma Mimi - Der Grosse Sommer (Original Film Music)

00:28 Major walks to the Yakuza nightclub.


Fakear - Buddha-Bar XVII

00:30 Briefly heard as Batou communicates to Major through mind comms outside the Yakuza Nightclub.

Shooting Star

Sayaka Suzuki - Shinobi

00:20 Faintly heard as Major and Batou enter the alleyway.

CMI15105 Arabesque

Juliet Lyons

00:21 Batou feeds the stray dogs at the alleyway.


Yuhka Kanda - Special Selections

00:31 Batou talks to Major through the mind comms about the Yakuza Nightclub.

Hot Beats

Harry Romero & SikDuo - Ibiza 2014 (Deluxe Edition)

00:29 Major enters the yakuza nightclub.

Lights of Soho

Lorne Balfe and Clint Mansell

Starts just before Major free falls from the roof in the last scene

Lights of Soho

Lorne Balfe, Clint Mansell

At the end, before Major falls off the roof.

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