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Jordana of Earth - Venom - Single

While gearing up to fight.

The Sewer Dragon

Dario Marianelli

In order to capture the ghost, Phoebe exits the vehicle.

Love Is Strange

Mickey & Sylvia - Dirty Dancing - The Anniversary Edition (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Remastered]

When Phoebe and Trevor get to the diner, they discover the ghost that she had encountered in the park earlier.

Chess in the Park

Dario Marianelli

Phoebe plays chess in the park at night with a ghost.

Paranormal Research Center

Dario Marianelli

The family is given a tour of the research complex by Winston.

A Call

Dario Marianelli

Phoebe answers the phone, puts on her outfit, and gets ready for the mission with Trevor.

A Tour of the Firehouse

Dario Marianelli

The ghost is given a tour of the firehouse by Phoebe.


Dario Marianelli

Trevor sets a trap for the ghost using a bag of Cheetos.

Dadi's Secret Room

Dario Marianelli

The youngsters look through the things Nadeem has hidden away in his room.

Should We Investigate?

Dario Marianelli

Ray is asked to assist Trevor and Phoebe.

It's Your Turn

Dario Marianelli

Nadeem comes to know his ability.

Ionic Separator

Dario Marianelli

The ghost is guided by Phoebe to the chamber containing the ionic separator.

The Horns

Dario Marianelli

The creature was awakened.

New Proton Packs

Dario Marianelli

As they prepare for the mission, the crew creates new proton packs.

Ghostbusters - from "Ghostbusters"

Ray Parker Jr.

Press interviews are conducted by the team. This is the end credits song.

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