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Everybody Got Their Something

Nikka Costa - All About Steve (Music From the Motion Picture)

Montage of best-friends Samara, Eva and Renee being their days and head out into the world.

Kumbaya, My Lord

Riverside Gospel Group - Gospel Favorites

Eva and Renee arrive at their trip destination, on the private island just off of Charleston with Samara after whisking her away for a much needed trip; (repeats) [1:20] Samara returns to the island a month after her trip with Eva and Renee and meeting Kareem.

Wade in the Water

Cynthia Liggins Thomas

After a mishap booking for a back-to-nature “rewilding” retreat Samara, Eva and Renee decide to participate in their first well-being seminary guided by Ariella; (repeats) [1:11] Samara gets on the bus.

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