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Shankbone Old School

Deja Vu

00:04 David and Joseph talk about the news stories about the Overrseer and the Horde.

David At Home

West Dylan Thordson

00:05 David arrives at his house and reads his mail.

Joseph Leaves Casey Arrives

West Dylan Thordson

00:46 Joseph leaves Raven Hill while Casey arrives there on a bus.

Joseph and David

West Dylan Thordson

01:51 Joseph pulls David’s body from the water.

Crazy About You

The Gunboat Diplomats - Fine State of Affairs

00:09 David is working at the cash register when he notices Joseph talking to Jai, a man who David once confronted for selling drugs at the stadium, that tells David he’s turn his life around. David tells Joseph he’s going to take a walk.

Joseph Parking Lot

West Dylan Thordson

00:37 Joseph leaves the institution and goes to his van at the parking lot.

David & Elijah

West Dylan Thordson - Glass (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:20 Elijah speaks with David through the speakers and reveals his plan to David.


James Newton Howard - Unbreakable

00:38 0:38Flashback to a young Joseph telling David that he knows his secret identity.

Only the Light Knows

Vernous - Insert - Single

00:57 Casey asks the clerk at the comic book stores hen the first comic books were printed. Joseph is looking for comic book at the back of the store.


James Newton Howard & Pete Anthony - Unbreakable (Original Motion Picture Score)

01:08 Elijah meets with the Beast inside his room and convinces him to fight David.

Falling Down

James Newton Howard - Unbreakable

01:11 Flashback to a young Elijah on the roller coaster ride.

House Of Cards

Diane Fortune

Elijah, who is in a seemingly comatose state in a wheelchair, is found in the hallway outside his room in the psychiatric hospital.

I Never Dreamed I Loved You

Connie Conway - The Very Best of Connie Conway, Vol. 2

Elijah's mother talks to him in his room. Elijah is comatose.

True Love (Is Our Love Tonight)

Jimmy Spellman - True Love (Is Our Love Tonight) - Single

Elijah drinks from a straw, sitting in a wheelchair at the psychiatric hospital.

Once It Was Mine

Judy Lunn - Mascot Records Retrospective, Vol. 1

Elijah sits in a wheelchair in a semi-comatose state at the psychiatric hospital. He takes out Nurse Daryll as part of his plan to escape.

We're Changing

Corners - Maxed out on Distractions

At the end, Dr. Ellie Staple is in the comic store.

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