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Duele Duele

Frecuencia Mod - Oh Qué Pena

Opening, Gloria has a drink at the bar.

I Feel Love

Donna Summer - American Hustle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Gloria heads out onto the dance floor where she runs into an old acquaintance, Joaquin.

Libre (Io con te per vivere)

Paloma San Basilio - Diva

Gloria sings along with the radio as she's driving in her car.

Los Domingos

La Sonora de Tommy Rey - Cantemos Con la Sonora de Tommy Rey

As Guillermo and Gloria dance, she catches the eye of a different man on the dance floor.


La Sonora de Tommy Rey - 20 Grandes Éxitos (Live)

As Gloria makes her way through a busy night club, she sets her sights on a table with one empty seat. She asks if the seat is open and introduces herself to the man, Guillermo, in the next chair.

Boquita de Caramelo

Los Vikings 5 - Cumbia Ranchera & Mas, Vol.1

Gloria and Rodolfo dance together for the first time.


Daniel Santos - Los Jefes Cantan Sus Éxitos

At the club, Gloria slow dances with a man wearing a suit.


Juan Carlos Duque - Queda Tanto Por Andar

Gloria waits in her car for Rodolfo to return to his ex-wife's house.

Lança Perfume

Rita Lee - Rita Lee

Gloria sits alone, drinking at a friend's wedding reception.


Umberto Tozzi - Tutto Tozzi

Sitting alone at the reception, a man asks Gloria to dance but she declines. As the song "Gloria" begins to play, Gloria hits the dance floor alone.

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