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Watch Out


A song can be heard at the movie's opening. In the video, Andrea may be seen performing stand-up comedy.

Over Here


The nighttime Los Angeles highway is displayed. White vehicle parks. Andrea exits the vehicle. On her phone, Andrea looks. She notices a big billboard showing Serrena Halstead when she turns to the side. She points the billboard with both of her middle fingers. She then appears in a bar.


Jay Som - Pirouette

An unidentified man is in bed with Andrea. She sends a text message to Dennis. Andrea, Dennis, Margot, and others are soon seen in a pub. The supper is paid for by Dennis. Andrea and Dennis are purchasing tacos.



Andrea and Dennis dancing in the club after his mom dies

Don’t Wanna Lose

Ex Hex

Dennis receives an alcoholic beverage from Margot at the bar.

No Going Back

Yuno - No Going Back - Single

A song can be heard at the movie's end. The poster portraying Dennis as a liar and a fraud is seen by Andrea, Margot, and Maggie. Then comes the credits.

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