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I Can See Clearly Now

Johny Nash

Opening credits, continues into first scene.

Title We Care a Lot

Artist Faith No More

00:03 Scene Martin And Debi Arrive At The Reunion

Pressure Drop

The Specials

Debi plays it while she talks to Martin for the first time.

Blister In the Sun

Violent Femmes - 80's the Collection

Martin arrives in town listening to the radio.

Armagideon Time

The Clash - Live At Shea Stadium

Martin changes the radio to a different station.

Live and Let Die

Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I

Martin goes into the Ultimart.

Absolute Beginners

The Jam - The Very Best Of The Jam (Remastered)

Playing at the radio station when Martin first comes inside to see Debi.

The Killing Moon

Echo & The Bunnymen - Songs to Learn and Sing

Plays when Debi talks about Martin on the radio.

Mirror In The Bathroom

The Beat - Rocknrolla (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

martin swings past his old locker and is found by felix, the assassin trying to collect on martins bounty.

Monkey Gone to Heaven

Pixies - Doolittle

Paul drops Martin back at his own car.

Ace of Spades

Motörhead - The Best of Motörhead

Ultimart Carl listens to it on his walkman while Martin and Felix shoot it out.

Sharks Can't Sleep

Tracy Bonham

Martin goes to the bathroom.

Little Luxuries

The Burros - Homestead

Martin goes to Debi's childhood bedroom

Big Boss Man

Jimmy Reed - Absolutely the Best of the Blues

Playing in CuppaJoe when Grocer meets with Martin.

We Care a Lot

Faith No More - Introduce Yourself

Martin and Debi arrive at the reunion.

Take On Me

a-ha - 80's the Collection

Martin and Debi at the reunion head straight for the bar.

Under Pressure

David Bowie & Queen - The Best of David Bowie 1980/1987

Martin talks to Tracy and meets her baby.

Under Pressure

Queen - Queen Rock Montreal

Martin talks to Tracy and meets her baby.

Let My Love Open The Door

Pete Townshend & Nathan Barr

martin and debi sharing a moment upstairs at the reunion

Cities In Dust

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Atomic Blonde (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Martin takes Debi's photo and then runs into Bob Destepello.

Cities in Dust (Single)

Siouxsie & the Banshees - The Best of Siouxsie and The Banshees

Martin takes Debi's photo and then runs into Bob Destepello.

Let My Love Open the Door

Pete Townshend - Empty Glass

Martin and Debi escape the reunion to talk.

Go! (club Mix)

Tones On Tail - Everything!

Martin and Debi dance.

Go! (Club Mix)

Tones On Tail - Everything!

Martin and Debi dance.

I Can See Clearly Now

Johnny Nash - Crooklyn, Vol. II (Music From the Motion Picture)

the opening shot., martin talking on the phone, cleaning his eyes, and then shooting a cyclist. he was paid for one job. not two

99 Luftballons

Nena - Despicable Me 3 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Debi sees Martin with Felix's corpse, then Paul helps Martin to dispose of it.

Rudie Can't Fail

The Clash - London Calling

Debi plays it on the radio just as she sees Martin sitting outside.

In Between Days

The Cure - The Head On the Door

Playing when Martin rings Debi at the station after the Ultimart is destroyed.

Lorca's Novena

The Pogues - Hell's Ditch (Expanded)

Martin saves Debi's father from Grocer.

War Cry

Joe Strummer

Martin gets ready in his hotel room to pick up Debi for the reunion.

Under Pressure

Queen and David Bowie

at the high school reunion, he catches up with an old schoolfriend, describes his life as "in progress" and has a moment evaluating choices and life with bobbie. the baby

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