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Halcyon + On + On


00:02 Played during the opening credits, as a young Dade leaves the courthouse. It continues as the older Dade sits in his room hacking into a TV station.

Voodoo People

The Prodigy, Public Enemy & Manfred Mann

00:07 Dade encounters another hacker, "Acid Burn" while trying to hack into a TV station and they start battling for control.

Voodoo People

The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation

00:07 Dade encounters another hacker, "Acid Burn" while trying to hack into a TV station and they start battling for control.

Open Up

Leftfield - Leftism 22

00:09 Various scenes around New York City, ending with Dade's first day of school.


Underworld - Dubnobasswithmyheadman (20th Anniversary Remaster)

00:14 Played as Kate and later Dade play a video game at Cyberdelia.


Leftfield - Leftism 22

00:22 This song is playing in background as Dade meets the other hackers.

Inspection (Check One)

Leftfield - Leftism 22

00:30 Playing in the background as Dade and his friends visit "Lord Nikon" (Paul Cook).

The Wild One

Johnny O'Keefe

00:32 Joey is listening to (and singing along with) this song in the shower.


Stereo MC's

00:44 Playing during the party at Kate's. (The song starts as soon as they walk in the door.)


Massive Attack & Azekel

00:49 Another song playing at Kate's party. Starts just before Kate goes out on the balcony and continues as Dade checks out her computer.

One Love (Edit)

The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation

00:51 Played during the montage of Kate and Dade hassling Agent Gill.


Simon Boswell

01:06 Dade drapes a blanket over his sleeping mom then goes to meet The Plague to hand off the diskette.

Launch Da Vinci

Simon Boswell

01:11 Played as the gang breaks into Ellingson to find passwords, bug the phones, and obtain other clues to help them hack the system.

Grand Central Station

Guy Pratt

montage hacking the gibson


Guy Pratt

01:08 Dade hacks into the file Joey retrieved. (Starts when Cereal says, 'Tag! You're in!')

Good Grief

Urban Dance Squad - Planet Ultra (Live from New York 1997)

01:19 The band at Laser and Blade's club is playing this on stage while Dade and Kate are there.

Grand Central Station

Deep Cover

01:27 Played during the second half of the "hacking the Gibson" scene.

Heaven Knows

Squeeze - Ridiculous (Expanded)

01:38 Played while Dade and Kate are swimming in the rooftop pool and as the credits start.


Elastica - Elastica

(Not actually in the movie. Background music for one of the trailers.)

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