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Whammer Jammer

J. Geils Band

00:01 First song during the opening credits. Shootout at the freeway.

Whammer Jammer (Live)

J.Geils Band - Fever Pitch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:01 First song during the opening credits. Shootout at the freeway.

Move Bitch


Hancock trows car on top of skyscraper

Move Bitch

Disturbing tha Peace - Word of Mouf

00:03 Hancock is in pursuit of the gunmen.


Ryan Adams - True Blood (Music from the HBO® Original Series) [Deluxe Version]

00:54 Hancock has dinner with Ray and Mary as Ray tells the story of how he first met Mary.

Move Bitch

DJ No Name - DJ No Name

00:04 Rave music playing inside the gunmen's car.

Paper Planes

M.I.A. - Kala (Bonus Track Version)

after the bank robbery and the upcoming cars to the party

The 900 #

The 45 King - 45 Kingdom

00:05 Hancock beats up the gunmen in the car.


Ice-T - Rhino Hi-Five - Rap, Vol. 2 - EP

hancock's very fist moment in prison

I'm in the Mood

John Lee Hooker - Whiskey & Wimmen: John Lee Hooker's Finest

00:06 Hancock is drawing at the bar when a woman approaches him and asks him for a ride.

Sanford and Son Theme (The Streetbeater)

Quincy Jones - You've Got It Bad Girl

Hancock, in jail, and places one prisoners head into another's behind.

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Freddy Fender - W. (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:07 Red Parker talks to the convicts about Hancock.

Highway 13

John Lee Hooker - Mr. Lucky

00:02 Hancock wakes up from his nap at the bench.

Sanford and Son Theme

Quincy Jones

00:35 Hancock shoves a man's head up another man's behind.

Paper Planes (DFA Remix)


00:54 Hancock gets out of the limo and enters the restaurant.

It Serves You Right to Suffer

John Lee Hooker - It Serves You Right to Suffer

00:16 The public gets angry with Hancock after derailing a train.

Best Dressed Chicken In Town

Doctor Alimantado

00:25 Hancock arrives at Ray's neighborhood.

Llego Cachaito

Roberto Fonseca

00:56 Second song at the restaurant as Hancock talks about how he discovered his abilities.

Feelin' You

Devin Edwards

01:37 Second end credits song.

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