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My Perfect Cousin

The Undertones - The Best of the Undertones

Ned reads his essay in front of the class. Mr. Sherry plays a song, (this song) Ned is told to go on talking while the song is playing.

Sucking It Out

The Shaker Hymn - Do You Think You're Clever?

Conor walks in and sees the 'Berlin Wall' Ned placed. Scene goes to Mr., Dan Sherry (new English teacher) walking down the hall and into his classroom, for the first time.


Big Star - Nothing Can Hurt Me

As Conor starts Rugby practice for the first time. Then Conor is tackled and starts assaulting Weasel, repeatedly punching Weasel in the face. Pascal watches Conor play and giggles in excitement.

Desire As

Prefab Sprout - Two Wheels Good

Ned is listening to a song, Conor likes it. They head to a music room.

Think For a Minute

The Housemartins - London 0 Hull 4

The song Ned and Conor are singing as they practice for the talent show. Pascal and Weasel walk by hearing Conor & Ned singing. Ned sings alone at the Talent Show.

It's Yours

David Kitt - The Nightsaver

Conor is running in a field, Ned's sitting rolling a cig. Students in Mr. Sherry's class playing a game. Students load in the bus to a game 'single file'. Players head to locker room after game win.

Obscurity Knocks

Trashcan Sinatras - Cake

Conor and Ned on the boat, they start running to the game. Wood Hill is dominating the game, score changes to 12-0. Song fades As the score changes to 21-0 and the team somber, walking down the hall.

The Russians Are Coming

Val Bennett - First Class Rock Steady

Ned arrives at the school, and is carrying his luggage. Ned looks around in desdain walking torwards Wood Hill. Title of film appears, Handsome Devil.

Go or Go Ahead

Rufus Wainwright - Want One

Wood Hill is winning. Mr. Sherry introduces his fella. Ned talks, 'don't speak in a borrowed voice'. Game is 20-21. Victor tosses ball to Conor instead, for the game winning kick. Conor & Ned embrace.

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