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Carried Away (Love To Love) (with Madison Beer)

Surf Mesa

A song can be heard at the movie's opening. The film studio logos are fading in. It displays Padgett Sawyer's room.

Kiss Me (From The Netflix Film “He’s All That”)

CYN - He's All That (Music From The Netflix Film)

Padgett's mother heads to the dance floor; Padgett leaves the prom and gets a text from Cameron as he arrives on Gilly.

Carried Away (Love To Love)

Surf Mesa - He's All That (Music From The Netflix Film)

Opening; (repeats) Cameron reveals his new look; (repeats) Cameron and Padgett in the dark room; (repeats) End credits.


Katy Perry

Before Padgett gets in the car with her friends.

Mean Streets Of Pali - From The Netflix Film “He’s All That"

Kaz Gamble

Jordan is currently filming the new music video. Brin is using her phone to see the song video as she is driving. She sings along as some boys chuck Cameron Kweller onto a garbage pail. He had earlier made fun of Jordan's songs.

Mean Streets Of Pali (From The Netflix Film “He’s All That")

Kaz Gamble - He's All That (Music From The Netflix Film)

The girls drive away; Brin sings along to the song; (repeats) Montage of Jordan being mean to Cameron; (repeats) Jordan sings at the pool party; (repeats) End credits and bloopers.

Chain My Heart


After Padgett gets off the phone with Jessica; Padgett's friends talk about her.

The Boy Is Mine

Brandy - Never Say Never

[On-screen performance] Alden and Quinn karaoke at the pool party.

Teenage Dream

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection

[On-screen performance] Padgett and Cameron sing a karaoke duet.

For A Minute

WizTheMc - He's All That (Music From The Netflix Film)

Montage: Shopping for the Great Gatsby party.

ily (i love you baby) (feat. Emilee)

Surf Mesa

Various cars are washed by some girls.

The Boy Is Mine

Fred Jerkins, Rodney Jerkins, Brandy Norwood, Lashawn Daniels (as LeShaun Daniels), Japhe Tejeda

Cameron arrives at the pool party with his girlfriend. Two females are karaoke singing.

Charleston !

Jazz Ensemble

Alden's birthday party is entered by Nisha, Padgett, and Cameron. She will turn 18 this year.

Your Love (9PM)


Padgett enters the prom.

Lakmé / Act 1: "Sous le dôme épais" (Flower Duet)

Léo Delibes

Cameron's face and hair are taken care of by Padgett. She shaves his face and trims his hair.

Kiss Me (From The Netflix Film “He’s All That”) [Remix]

CYN - He's All That (Music From The Netflix Film)

Padgett and Cameron dance outside prom; Back at prom, everyone dances including the principal; Cameron and Padgett ride horses in Portugal and get tattoos.

The Charleston

Sam Levine

Presenting Cameron's new appearance. Nisha, Padgett, and Brin are all very impressed.

Jalebi Baby

Tesher - Pregame

Padgett, Cameron, Brin and Nisha walk down the street discussing the Great Gatsby party before shopping for outfits.

Dance Off (feat. Idris Elba & Anderson .Paak)


At the prom, Padgett and the other female guests are dancing. They compete with the males.

Carried Away (Love To Love) - Tchami Remix

Surf Mesa

Padgett and Cameron share their first kiss.

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