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Oedipus Orca (Theme From "Oedipus Orca")

James Dashow - Oedipus Orca / Una spirale di nebbia (Original Motion Picture Soundracks From "Oedipus Orca" and "Una spirale di nebbia")

00:01 First song as Harley and Ilya kiss at the park. Continues as Harley enters the public library. (1:26) IIya is engulfed in flames as Harley wakes up in the bus and finds out he's gone.

Snowflakes Are Dancing (Children's Corner, No. 4)

Isao Tomita

00:04 Harley begs for money in the streets. She then enters a convenience store and buys razor blades. (0:08) Skully tries to talk Harley out of harming herself. Harley cuts her wrists and is sent to the hospital.



Faintly playing in the background when Harley lights a cigarette in the streets.


Tangerine Dream - Phaedra

00:12 Harley yells at IIya as she's being rushed into the infirmary.

Phaedra - Remastered 2018

Tangerine Dream

Harley yells at IIya as she's being rushed into the infirmary.

The Demon Dance Of Doc Death

Paul Grimstad

00:13 Opening credits; Harley gets into a confrontation with a young woman at the hospital.

The Power of the Mind

Headhunterz - Sacrifice

00:27 Harley and her friends dance at the park.



Harley goes to a public restroom and shoots up heroin.

Clair De Lune, No. 3

Isao Tomita - Clair De Lune - Ultimate Edition

00:33 Mike talks with Harley about a drug deal gone awry.


Burzum - Filosofem

00:37 Harley listens to this song at the library.

The Power of the Mind (Qlimax Anthem 2007)


Harley and her friends dancing at the park.

Estampes: No. 3: Gardens in the Rain

Isao Tomita

01:12 Harley packs up her things and leaves Mike's apartment.

Preludes: Book I: No. 10: The Engulfed Cathedral

Isao Tomita

01:17 IIya has sex with Harley on the sidewalk. Montage of IIya and Harley shoplifting from various stores.

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