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Mr. Loverman

Reggae Funksters

00:05 Stuart's flashback as a child.

Some Like It Hot

The Power Station - This Is... 1985

00:13 First song at the boat party.


Bryan Adams - Live! Live! Live!

00:21 Stuart makes out with the model on the boat.

Love Klove

Frank K. Pola - Skeleton Quartet

00:33 First song at the exclusive L.A. party Stuart takes Trudy and her boyfriend to.


Phil Collins - Live At Knebworth 1990

00:41 Jessica and Stuart drive home from the party celebrating.

Bringin' On the Night

Robbie Nevil - Nu Soul 3

01:13 Song at Jessica's birthday party.

Days Gone Down (Still Got the Light In Your Eyes)

Gerry Rafferty

01:27 Final song as Jessica and Stuart kiss. Plays into end credits.

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