Christmas Star

Leslie Bricusse and John Williams

Kevin and his mom stare out the window in NYC and Miami and say goodnight; Kevin waves to a young boy who is in the children's hospital that is looking out his window.

My Christmas Tree

The Home Alone Children's Choir

Kevin's choir sings this song at the pageant.


The Hot Melts - The Hot Melts

Boys choir sings with a catastrophic ending.

Merry X-mess

Rotterdam Termination Source - Merry X-mess - EP

Boys choir sings with a catastrophic ending.

Jingle Bell Rock

Bobby Helms - Now That's What I Call Christmas!

Kevin cannon balls inside the swimming pool.

Christmas All Over Again

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

After entering the plane, a French passenger doesn't stop talking in French to Kevin, so he puts headphones on with this music.

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

Johnny Mathis - NOW That's What I Call Merry Christmas

Kevin is riding in the limo; Hotel guy finds out Peter's card has been reported stolen.

Kevin's Not Here

"Home Alone 2: Lost In New York" Cast

The rest of the McCallister family in Miami airport

Needle In the Camel's Eye

Brian Eno - Velvet Goldmine (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Kevin uses his father's credit card, the piano plays this tune in the lobby.

Let It Snow

On Piano - Christmas on Piano

Kevin uses his father's credit card, the piano plays this tune in the lobby.

We Overslept Again / Holiday Flight

John Williams

The McCallister family, woken up by the arriving transfer vans.

Separate Vacations

John Williams

Both Kevin and the rest of the McCallister family head off with their planes.

Arrival In New York

John Williams

Kevin arrives in New York. (repeats) Kevin in the hotel suite.

The Thieves Return

John Williams

They approach and chase Kevin.

Plaza Hotel

John Williams

Kevin arrives in front of the hotel.


John Williams

The concierge's theme.

Distant Goodnights (Christmas Star)

John Williams

Both Kevin and his mom look into the sky, think of the other and wish good night to each other.

A Day In the City

John Williams

Everytime Kevin has a unique experience, like seeing Mr. Duncan's portrait right after having talked with him at the cash register.

Duncan's Toy Store

John Williams

Kevin is brought to the toy store.

Turtle Doves

John Williams

Mr. Duncan offers Kevin the little dove figures for his generosity.

To The Plaza Presto

John Williams

Kevin arrives at the hotel, both the thieves and the concierge chase after him.

Haunted Brownstone

John Williams

Kevin wanders around in New York, the Wet Bandits climb out the fish truck they were hiding in. (repeats) Theme for every spooky scene.

Appearance of the Pigeon Lady

John Williams

After having fed the doves, their protector startled Kevin.

Christmas at Carnegie Hall (O Come All Ye Faithful / O Little Town of Bethlehem / Silent Night)

John Williams

Kevin and the pigeon lady listen to classical Christmas music from atop of the ceiling in the concert hall.

Christmas Star - Preparing The Trap

John Williams

After leaving the concert building on the roof, Kevin sees a blinking star in the distance and goes there.

Kevin's Booby Traps

John Williams

The Wet Bandits stumble into Kevin's carefully prepared traps.

Down The Rope / Into The Park

John Williams

After they fell off the rope, Kevin lures the two gangsters into the park.

Reunion at Rockefeller Center / Its Christmas

John Williams

Kevin's mom sees him, and they run to each other.

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