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David Bowie - A Reality Tour (Bonus Track Version) [Live]

00:03 First song as Ig plays on the record as he looks outside his window.

SOS Blues

Felicia Carter - Feather / Step Lightly

00:06 Ig is eating dinner with his family, he get into an argument with them because Ig feels that his famiy does not believe he is innocent.

Story of an Artist

Daniel Johnston - Welcome to My World: The Music of Daniel Johnston

00:07 Terry performs this song outside his house on his trumpet.

Hold Your Fire

Trent Dabbs - Horns (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:08 Ig walks into the bar after visiting his parents

What the World Needs Now Is Love

Burt Bacharach - What the World Needs Now - Burt Bacharach Classics

00:18 Ig arrives at the hospital where a young girl is crying.

Morning Has Broken

Eleanor Farjeon

00:23 A young Ig and his family are singing a hymn at the church.

Where Is My Mind?

Pixies - Horns (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:24 Ig finds Merrin's Cross, cut scene to him as a kid with his friends blowing up different things.

Lonely Road

The Shivers - Beaks to the Moon

00:29 After fixing Merrin's cross, Ig starts learning morse code, cut scene to when he gives Merrin back the cross.

Personal Jesus

Marilyn Manson - Lest We Forget: The Best of Marilyn Manson

00:44 Reporters are following Ig and he tells them to fight.

Sleep with the Lights On

The Wanton Bishops - Sleep with the Lights On

00:45 Ig walks into the bar to ask questions on who knows who killed Merrin

A Night So Still

Tindersticks - The Something Rain

00:51 At the diner, Ig thinks Merrin is seeing someone else and starts yelling at her.

That Look You Give That Guy

Eels - Hombre Lobo

00:48 In a flashback, Ig walks into the diner to meet Merrin, going to propose, she tells him they are breaking up.

The Devil Down Below

The Brass Action - Horns (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ig’s brother is playing trumpet and Ig talks with Glenna.

Devil Down Below

The Brass Action - Making Waves

00:56 Ig arrives at a bar where Terry's band is performing.

Ashes and Matches

Doug Jerebine - Is Jesse Harper

00:54 Ig goes back to the diner to talk to Veronica the waitress about her lying to the police.

11:34 (Hell O'clock)

The Brass Action - Making Waves

00:57 Second song that Terry's band performs in the bar.


Junip - Junip

00:59 In a flashback, Terry drives Merrin home after her fight with Ig in the diner.


The Flaming Lips - Embryonic (Deluxe Version)

01:15 Ig goes to Terry's house to confront him

If I Had a Heart

Fever Ray - The Vikings (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

01:11 Ig tries to remove his horns at the warehouse when snakes begin to gather around him.

60 Feet Tall

The Dead Weather - Horehound

01:20 Ig makes Terry swallow all his pills

Hommage à John Cage

Nam June Paik

01:21 Terry starts to hallucinate.

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