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The Underdog

Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (Bonus Track Version)

Opening scene -- arriving 6:02 AM in the parking lot of Comindyne


Beastie Boys - Solid Gold Hits

(0:12) Nick fantasizes about throwing his boss out the window. 

How You Like Me Now?

The Heavy - Ninja Tune XX (Volume 1)

(0:40) Montage of bosses harassing

That's Not My Name

The Ting Tings - Fired Up! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Dave is in the car listen to the radio while Kurt and Nick do the second reckon mission

Perfect Day

The Constellations

(1:00) At the hardware store and then following their friend's bosses

How You Like Me Now

The Heavy - The House That Dirt Built

00:38 After they hire the hitman to kill their bosses. Montage as Nick watches as his boss demolishes the wall between offices. Kurt watches as Bobby pimps out his office.


Booker T. Jones

00:10 Nick, Dale and Kurt sit around in the bar talking.

Sydney (I'll Come Running)

Brett Dennen - The Definitive Collection

00:20 The guys are talking in the bar about finding new jobs when the hand job guy comes up to them.

Lay Me Down (feat. Rome of Sublime With Rome)

The Dirty Heads

00:21 Second song at the bar as they discuss if they would kill their bosses.

Beatin' Down the Block


00:34 They go to a dodgy bar to try to find a hitman.

Kung Fu Fighting

Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting

01:02 Harken finds Bobby's phone under the bed. This is his ringtone.


Fitz & The Tantrums

01:05 They all meet up after the bar after Harken shoots Pellitt (Colin Farrell).

I Be Doin' It


01:12 They all go back to see Motherfucking Jones at the bar for advice.

Rhythm of the Night

DeBarge - Totally '80s for Kids

01:16 They break into Harken's house and there is a surprise party waiting for him. This song plays as they cheer.

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