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Wins & Losses

Meek Mill

Hustle | Official Trailer | Netflix (2022)

The World Is Mine

Samm Henshaw - The World Is Mine - Single

Montage of Stanley as he travels around the globe, watching international players, and arrives at the airport and eating and sleeping in his hotel rooms.

The Seed (2.0) [feat. Cody Chestnutt]

The Roots & Erykah Badu

Stanley tells his wife, Teresa, about his assistant coaching promotion; (continues) Stanley drives his daughter, Alex, to the movies.

Gettin' It (feat. Parliament Funkadelic)

Too $hort

Stanley sings his car right before learning that the owner of 76ers passed away.

Feel It In The Air

Beanie Sigel

Stanley attends the funeral for the Philadelphia 76ers owner, Rex Merrick.

Sunny - Blank & Jones Summer Vibe Remix

Boney M.

In Spain, Leon attempts to recruit Stanley to become an agent.

¿Porqué te vas?


Stanley talks with Bo Cruz and his mom, Paola, about his future.

Philly, Philly (feat. Beanie Sigel)


Stanley and Bo's arrive to Philadelphia to begin training for the NBA Drafts.

Street Talkin'

Slick Rick

Stanley arrives at the hotel in search of Bo.

Partiéndonos la madre (feat. Kairo)


In order to boost Bo Cruz's notoriety, the Boa Challenge is born as he plays against streetballers and professional NBA players to prove his talents.

Dog on a Swing Set

Dan Deacon

Stanley comes back home to Philadelphia.

Full Effect (feat. Young Gunz)


Stanley walks to the court as an assistant coach for the Philadelphia 76ers.

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