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Ask Me

Star Parks - The New Sounds of Late Capitalism

Kate talks to her agent on the phone

Something More

Star Parks - The New Sounds of Late Capitalism

Kate arrives in Carbondale / Kate in B&B / Entering reading

No Time for You

The Commands

Kate gets a drink with her former teacher, David, and his wife

JJ's House

The Lemons - Everybuddy's a Lemon - EP

Kate visits her old room in the house she lived in in college / Talks to Hugo

Not Now Brian

Star Parks - The New Sounds of Late Capitalism

Kate looks at editor photos in the school hallway


Erin Kron - Cherry Tomatoes - Single

Kate and David talk in the school hallway after class


HEAD - Use Yer Head

Kate goes to a bookstore and runs into an old friend, Brad

Harder on Me

James Swanberg - Harder on Me - Single

Kate grabs drinks with Brad at a bar / Kate tries to take a secret photo of him on her phone / 2nd use - Kate looks at the party across the street from her B&B

Until Our Morning Comes

Matthew Feasley - Best Drugs - Single

Kate, Brad, and Rachel drink at the bar

Wish You Were Right

Girl K - Girl K on Audiotree Live

Kate checks her ex's instagram on the B&B porch

The Verge

Bad Moves - Bad Moves - EP

Kate calls her friend from a college house party


Grapetooth - Grapetooth

Kate smokes with Tall Brandon at the house party / Kate and Hugo talk, before April arrives

Fire’s Dead

Woongi - Rip’s Cuts

Kate charges her phone in Animal's room

I Only Leave My House to Dance with You

Sports Boyfriend - I Only Leave My House to Dance with You - Single

Kate looks over her ex's Instagram account with Animal and his girlfriend

Hobby Horse

Star Parks - The New Sounds of Late Capitalism

Kate and the gang drive to the lake

No Clue

Rich Jones ft Mykele Deville

Kate looks at her book on the shelves at the book store, April enters


Obscura Hail - Loose Tooth

Kate meets with April at a coffee shop

Sun Go Down

Fat Night - Sun Go Down (Tiny Room Session) - Single

Kate has dinner with David. They talk about Kate's bad book review


Dehd - Water

Hugo deals with his breakup / The gang decide to go spy on April

We're All Gunna Die

Waltzer - I Don't Wanna Die - Single

Kate and the gang get into Elliot's van to go spy

Crazy Train

Nicolai Dunger - Play

Kate and the gang sneak around David's house

Tell Me Why

Birdlegs & Pauline - Birdlegs

Tall Brandon makes a souffle with Hugo's mom

Best Drugs

Matthew Feasley - Best Drugs - Single

Hugo and Kate hang out in her room / Hugo plays a song for Kate on his phone


Dehd - Flower of Devotion

Kate and Elliot drive to the train station / End credits

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