Bullet Blowz

Havana Brown & Kronic - Bullet Blowz - Single

Harper declines her boss's call at the club

Booty Bounce

Tujamo - Booty Bounce - Single

Leo West come out on stage

Rock the Bells

Boys Noize - Mayday

Harper walks to meet Leo backstage


Martin Garrix - Poison - Single

Leo begins his set on stage after he talks to Harper

Sensational (Math Club Remix)

Sam Feldt

Getting to the club in Ibiza.

If You Remember (Luxxury Remix)

The Ramona Flowers - Magnify - EP

Harper and Nikki talking and dude going pee at rich guy's party

Awoo (feat. Betta Lemme)

Sofi Tukker - Soft Animals - EP

Begins when Nikki finds the workout room

Sua Cara (feat. Anitta & Pabllo Vittar)

Major Lazer - Know No Better - EP

Harper talks to the rich man outside by the pool

Life On Mars?

David Bowie - iSelect

On the flight to Ibiza

Sonido Temprano

by lilibeth - Rock Uman Texas

After they take drugs from the dancer in the club


Chuckie, Kronic & Krunk - Vamonos - Single

Before the girls and the boys they met from the plane sit for drinks

Peanut Butter Jelly

Galantis - Pharmacy

Everyone dancing during Leo's set

Get Ur Freak On (LP Version)

Missy Elliott

Harper gets fired and leaves to meet her friends

Cumbia (feat. Wordsplayed)

GAWVI - We Belong

This is used in the Trailer at the beginning

For You

Midi Jones feat. Paige Faust

Harper and Leo continue to talk backstage


Giorgio Tuinfort

(Piano intro version of Animal (Poison) by Martin Garrix). Leo begins his set on stage after he talks to Harper.

Mask on my Face


(21:00) when Harper finds her friends after Leo's set



Giardini di chioto e robot bar

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