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Rival Consoles - Howl

Tom and Lucy are on a date, standing on the roof top at the end.

Swim (Rival Consoles Remix)

Douglas Dare - Caroline / If Only - EP

Opening scene where Tom is sitting at his computer playing a game, while he hears a screaming/crash noise. Into another scene with his friend trying to get his attention.

Get It

Skripture - Get It

Tom changes a guy's car radio station to opera.


Kiasmos - Kiasmos

Plays at the sick party Tom goes to where he starts to put together who attacked Lucy.

21 Shutdown

Max Aruj and Steffen Thum

Tom stands up in the rain to cause an EMP an save Lucy from Ellman.

Blade: The Art of Ox (feat. Artifacts & U-God)

Cannibal Ox - Blade of the Ronin

15yr old Tom walks in on his crush being sexually assaulted. As he flees he gets grazed by a bullet. He wakes with bits of his phone in his brain using his new abilities to seek revenge on the gang.

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