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Back Around

Dessert - Back Around

During the photoshoot

Wen Uuu

Shlohmo - Vacation - Single

(1:12) After the DJDS' concert

TV Dream (feat. Clive Tanaka)

Groundislava - TV Dream - EP

Willa arrives at Hallie's house and they talk on the phone.


Future Islands - On the Water (Bonus Track Version)

Matt and Willa go on the OJ Simpson tour and the beginning of the photoshoot

I Slept With All Your Mothers

Harriet - Tell the Right Story - EP

Willa and Matt making out in the kitchen and the last before the credits when Hallie and Willa meet Owen and Matt at Owen's East Village apartment.


Sleep ∞ Over - Forever

Hallie and Lindsay take molly.

I Gotta Love

Taddy Porter - Taddy Porter

This is the song at the beginning and the end of the in a relationship movie

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