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Trio Los Reyes

This song plays in the chook restaurant.

Rock Like This


Hank is in the nightclub. He displays a picture of his baby to the bartender, but he is helpless.


The Davey Brothers - Wolfbox

In a pub, Hank has a drink. He discusses his son with a topless woman.


Annie Lennox - Songs of Mass Destruction

Hank places a fresh American flag on the flagpole and flips it over. into the closing credits.

What Have We Done

Wanda Jackson - Reckless Love Affair

In the gun store, Hank raises inquiries.

'Til I Get It Right

Tammy Wynette - 16 Biggest Hits: Tammy Wynette

In the cafe, Hank has coffee. Det. Sanders informs him that her son is currently in need of a slingshot.

This Mess

Wolf & Cub - Vessels

Hank enquires after his son and a pal who frequents another strip club. They were expelled, the management explains.

Roc Like This


The song is the second song on the end-credits.

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