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It's The End Of The World As We Know It


00:02 Playing at S.E.T.I. when the guy is playing golf in the office and suddenly hears an alert about a radio signal.

Oh Vicki

Bill Elliot

00:08 David and his father, Julius, play chess in a park; Julius comments on David still wearing his wedding ring, the David wins the game.

About You


00:10 Miguel deals with one of his father's unhappy customers.


Link Wray

00:19 A few diners tease a drunk Russ about his 'alien abduction'.

Boom Boom Booty


00:22 A group of teens playing basketball are interrupted by the arrival of an alien ship overhead.

Stand By

Sophie Zalmani

00:34 A boy tries to talk Alicia into having sex just as Miguel arrives to tell her they're leaving.

Live It Cool

Lydia Rhodes

00:36 Jasmine finishes her shift, then gets her coworker, Tiffany, to promise not to go to the 'welcome aliens' party.

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